The St. Joseph School Library is an ideal place to foster a life-long love of reading and to ensure that students and faculty are effective users of ideas and information.Our growing collection currently includes over 15,000 books. In addition, we provide access to many other reference materials including full-text periodicals .encyclopedias, magazines and journals.

      All school blocks have separate library with a wide variety of books, magazines, periodicals, educational CD-ROMs, VCDs, DVDs, LCDs  and photocopier to facilitate acquisition of knowledge. Each Block’s library is always ready to cater student’s need with availability of a full-time librarian.

       The School Library is the heart of the school academic environment. It encourages literacy and literature appreciation by extending and enhancing classroom experiences, and supports reading for personal satisfaction by providing a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction materials intended to engage students of all classes. It has Reading Room facility where students can sit and research, study, and read leisure materials in an environment supportive of their personal needs. It provides borrowing privileges where students may borrow up to 2 books in a weeks period.

      The Plus Two Library has networked computer stations that put students in touch with online resources, and print volumes that supports their school curriculum. It provides intellectual and physical access to materials in all formats( Course materials, Reference books, Competition Books, Question Banks), periodicals, A/V materials and electronic sources. It helps students in  collaborating with the course provided at classroom by teachers. It helps faculty members also in designing the teaching strategies to meet students’ needs.

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