The carefully designed curriculum helps in promoting confidence, direction, and critical thinking skills, which ultimately fosters the development of well-adjusted, adaptable, and integrated personalities.
The learning objectives and activities give our students a range of experiences, taking into consideration their learning needs, social and cultural backgrounds.
Our curriculum is a rich blend of academic, physical, social, artistic and cultural activities. We hope to encourage all pupils to strive for excellence, to be inquisitive, to support and tolerate the needs and differences of other students and above all, to enjoy learning.
Our believe is that every child deserves the opportunity to learn without barriers. It  help students in mastering the concepts and skills they will need in their lives.


The instructional programme of St. Joseph’s School is planned to provide the best possible education for each child in the School. It consists of experiences which will develop habits, knowledge, understanding and attitude for present and future living. These experiences are selected according to the needs, abilities and interest of the group and each child.

The carefully Planned Curriculum serves as guide for promoting continuous growth of each child. It seeks to help each child to develop to the best of her or his ability and to become a well adjusted, self supporting and actively participating citizen.

In an informal yet structured setting, we try to help each child to:

  1. Adjust coming to School.
  2. Adjust to class room routine.
  3. Accept new authority figures.
  4. Function in a group situation.
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