It is an well established fact that, for Science and Computer to be taught properly and effectively, labs must be an integral part of the curriculum. SJS has fully equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Laboratories. Here the students are given all opportunities to interact directly with natural phenomena or with data collected by others using tools, materials, equipments and models. Respective subject teachers guide the students in all kinds of Lab practical and investigations.

            In Science labs, teachers of science provide instruction with a priority on making observations and gathering evidence, much of which students experience in the lab or the field, to help students develop a deep understanding of the science content, as well as an understanding of the nature of science, the attitudes of science, and the skills of scientific reasoning. All three science labs, namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs fully equipped with all the necessary apparatus, instruments, models, rare specimens etc. promoting innovation and multi disciplinary teaching and research activities. The labs are safe, well-spacious with desks or tables and chairs and access to water and electricity for performing all experiments.

            The fully air-conditioned Computer labs in each section of school with all latest workstations connected through local area network provides full opportunities to learn the basic computing skills as well as higher level programming as per curriculum to the students of all ages and ability levels. In the practical sessions the faculty members help the students in enhancing their skills and knowledge by encouraging the process of asking questions and providing them the suitable answers with live demonstration using a/v equipments. The labs are equipped with printers, scanners and hi-speed internet connectivity to cater the needs of students.


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