Admission Rules for Admission to L.K.G.(Nursery)

There will not be any interview of the parents nor the child but there will be verification of the submitted Application Form and other related documents.

The detail of verification process is as follows :

A. Requirements :

  1. Photostat copy of the following forms : Residential Certificate, Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation and caste certificate (only for S.C., S.T.& O.B.C.)
  2. Photograph of the child with the parents. (Size : 4″ X 6″)
  3. Age : Minimum 3 years 6 months, Maximum 4 years 3 months by March.
  4. Presence of both parents during verification.
  5. Write the form number on the envelope, the photograph and the birth certificate.
  6. A self-addressed envelope ( 9″ X 4″ ) with postal stamp.
  7. Duly filled Application form should be submitted at the time of verification of the documents.
  8. Arrange the Forms in the following way : Application Form, Birth Certificate, Residential Certificate, Caste Certificate, Family Photo and envelope. Use ‘U’ pin to keep them together.

B. Please note the following information :

  1. Verification session consists of observing the child and verifying the data furnished in the Application Form.
  2. Incomplete Form will be automatically rejected.
  3. A child is not selected if he/she is judged too big/small, overage, under age, regardless of the date of birth given in the Application Form.
  4. Admission is not granted by capitation fee/ donation. Please don’t be swayed by people promising you admission on this ground.
  5. The school reserves its rights to admission. The parents will strictly abide by the decision of the school in respect to the selection/non selection of the child. Hence post queries will not be entertained, if the child is not selected.
  6. School is not responsible for the late receiving or lose of the post.


NOTE : No forms will be accepted other than on the dates and time mentioned in the Application Form.

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