Fossil Garden


               The school has a well maintained and developed Fossil garden with different kinds of rare fossils collected by students and teachers during various excursion tours specially in Rajmahal area of Jharkhand. Some of the fossil species displayed here have also been found in the Jurassic rocks of distant countries like South Africa and Australia. Some fossils are in the form of impressions. Some petrified fossils can also been here.
              Several palaeo botanists from Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow have visited the school in the past and have admired the well maintained wide collection of fossils at School Campus. The fossils are from Mesozoic era. It is worth mentioning that Rajmahal is the part of the Lower Gondwana Group of continents in prehistoric times.The northern localities have yielded fossils in the form of impressions, while petrified fossils have been collected from the southern tracts.


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