English Composition & Letter Writing – X Class

St. Joseph’s School, Bhagalpur

Syllabus – English I   (2016 – 2017)

                        Class – X                      


Quarterly Syllabus

Topic – Composition and Letter Writing.

   Descriptive Composition.

  1. Our country is losing important natural resources, such as forests, water and minerals. Choose one resource that is depleting fast and explain why it needs to be saved.
  2. Don’t grumble. Make the best use of things you have. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade.
  3. What type of friend you would like to have- someone who is rich, or someone who is ever helpful, or someone who is reliable? Which one of these characteristics is most important for y

 Argumentative Composition .

  1. Should High School students attend classes or should their attendance be optional? Give your point of views with relevant reasons.
  2. “Teenagers today are more worldly wise than their parents.” Express your views for or against the statement.
  3. Open book examination system is better than the closed book examination system. Give your views for or against the statement.

Narrative Composition.

  1. ‘You don’t know what you have got till it’s gone” Describe some valuable article, book or property which you had but have lost it now through your negligence. Explain what happened.
  2. You recently visited your grandparents who live in a town away from the humdrum of city life. Narrate your own experience of living in the lap of nature.

Imaginative Narrative.

  1. Write an original short story which justifies the theme: ‘Sweet are the uses of adversity.’
  1. Write a short story which begins with, “I was fast asleep. Suddenly there was a knock at the door——”

  Letter Writing

  1. Informal Letter Writing:
  2. Write a letter to your younger brother living in a hostel in Mumbai, advising him what precautions he should take to protect himself from dengue.
  3. A pen-friend of yours living in Australia has recently seen a documentary on India and wants to know about the festival of Holi. Write a letter to him describing how the festival of Holi is celebrate and the spirit behind the celebration.

   Formal Letter Writing.

  Letter to Application.

You are suffering from chickenpox. Write an application to your Principal  requesting him to grant you leave for two weeks.

  1. Letter of Complaint.

Write a letter to a book seller, complaining that the   books sent by him were not the latest editions, though   you have paid the money according to the latest  editions as given in the catalog.

Letter to Editor.

Write a letter to the Editor of the Times of India expressing your views on pollution in your town or city.

  Half Yearly Syllabus

  1. Descriptive Composition.
  2. Do you think that you are lucky to be born in this generation? Discuss.
  3. You have gone to a circus along with your friends and watch the animal performing and then engaged. Discuss your visit and your feeling.

Narrative Composition.

  1. We all experience a situation which poses a challenge to us. Narrate an account of such experience describing how you met the challenge.
  2. Choose a recent film that you have seen and give an account of it. You may consider, among other details its  them, plot, acting setting, costumes, entertainment, value and the final assessment.

Argumentative Composition.

  1. It is said that computers have made life easier and more convenient. However, some people say that computers have made life more complex and stressful. Express your opinion giving specific reasons.
  2. High school students should be allowed to study the subjects of their choice. How far do you agree with the statement?
  3. “Boarding schools are better than day schools for all- around education of a child’ Express you views either for or against this statement.

  Imaginative Narrative.

  1. Write an original short story or narrate an experience of your own beginning with ,”strike while the iron is hot”
  2. Write a short story that ends with line —- advice not taken.
  3. Write a short story in which a briefcase, a camera and a policeman play an important role.

  Letter – Informal

  1. Write a letter to your friend, describing the Trekking Expedition in which you participated during the summer vacation.
  2. Write a letter to your elder sister describing the difficulties you are facing in your new boarding school and seeking her advice on overcoming these difficulties.

 Formal Letter

 Letter of Invitation.

You are in-charge of the School Community Service Guild. Write a letter to the  D.M. requesting him to inaugurate the special project that the group is to launch    soon. Inform him the details of the inauguration ceremony, the nature of the   project and what you expect to achieve.

 Letter to Editor.

Write a letter to Editor of a news- paper drawing attention of the concerned authorities against converting the only green area near your locality colony into a  housing complex.

Picture Composition.

Study the picture given below. Write a story or an account of what the picture suggests to you. Your composition may be about the subject of the picture or may take suggestions from it, but there must be a clear connection between the picture and composition. Two examples.

 Formal Letter writing

  Letter of Persuasion

There is no bus stop in your area due to which the residents are put to great inconvenience. Write a letter to the local MLA requesting him to set up a bus stop in your locality.

  Letter of Complaint.

Write a letter to the customer care of a popular brand, complaining  against the defective       working of the fridge you bought recently.

 Letter to Editor

 Write a letter to the editor of a local newspaper telling him/her about your concern  about   the rising pollution in your city.

Informal Letter Writing.

  1. Write a letter to your cousin congratulating him. Her for making to the final round of a singing competition on Television.
  2. Write a letter to your friend describing how you, along, with a group of friends, intend to undertake cleanliness drive in your area.


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