English Composition & Letter Writing – 9th Class

St. Joseph’s School, Bhagalpur

Syllabus: English I (2016- 2017)



Subject / Topic – Composition / Letter Writing



             Descriptive Composition

  1. Write a description of the town in which you live. Write about the changes which you have observed in recent years.
  2. What in your opinion, best contributes to the making of a happy and successful school.
  3. The railway station seldom rests day or night. The station is one point in a vast system of communication necessary to modern civilization. Write a description of a railway station.

    Narrative Composition

  1. You recently visited an old age home. Describe what you saw and experienced when you were there with the inmates.
  2. You have represented your school in a national interschool competition. Describe your excitement on being, elected, the competition and the joy you felt at having brought laurels to your school.
  3. While on a picnic you and your friends decide to go on sailing. Unfortunately your boat capsizes in a violent storm. However all of you manage to swim to safety. Give a vivid account of the incidents.

    Argumentative Composition:

  1. Computers have become an indispensable part of our daily life. “Do you agree with the statement? Support your views with relevant examples.
  2. No other subject taught in school is as important as Moral Science. Express your views for or against the statement.

    Imaginative (Narrative)

  1. Write a short story or narrate an experience of your own illustrating the proverb, “Self-help is the best help”
  2. Relate an incident or write a short story to illustrate the truth of the statement “A stich in time saves nine.”


Letter Writing

             Informal Letter Writing

  1. Write a letter to your younger sister advising her to read newspaper regularly impressing upon her the need to do so.
  2. You recently spent a holiday in a far-off village with some of your friends’ there ‘Write a letter to your one of them to thank and describe some of the things you enjoyed most during your stay there.


    Formal Letter Writing.

    1. Letter of Complaint.

Write a letter to the District Magistrate of your area complaining about congestion caused by street vendors and suggesting suitable solutions to the problem so as to satisfy the vendors and to avoid the congestion.

            2. Letter of Application.

            Write an application to the Editor of the Hindustan Times, offering your services as a correspondent.

            3. Letter to Editor

Write a letter to Editor of a weekly magazine, expressing your views on reckless driving.



Half Yearly Syllabus 


Composition Writing.

              Descriptive Composition

  1. Of all the subjects you are studying at present, which do you think would be useful to your future and why? Discuss.
  2. Too many people die on the roads because of accident, suggest ways and means which could help to minimize accidents on our roads.
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of Internet. Discuss.

             Narrative Composition.

  1. There are many embarrassing situations in each one’s life. Give an account of the most embarrassing experience of your life, explaining how it came about, what exactly happened, and what the outcome was.
  2. You recently visited your grandparents live in a village away from the humdrum of city life. Narrate your own experience of living in the lap of nature.

    Argumentative Composition.

  1. “Teenagers today are more worldly wise than their parents” express your views for or against the statement.
  2. Animals should not be used for drug development or medical research. Express your views for or against this statement.
  3. “Fear of punishment only enforces discipline among students.” Express your view either for or against the statement.

              Story Writing/ Imaginative Narrative Composition based on Proverb.

  1. Write an original short story which illustrates the truth, “God help those who help themselves”
  2. Write a short story or narrate an experience to prove the statement: “Rome was not built in a day.”


Formal Letter

  1. Letter of Complaint.

Write a letter to the Municipal Corporation of you city complaining about the huge accumulation of garbage in your locality and its ill effects on the residents.

             2. Letter to Editor.

Write a letter to your local newspaper giving your views on public transport.

             3. Letter of Application.

You need a job for three months this summer and you have seen an advertisement in the newspaper about a temporary job as a tourists guide in your town or city. Write a letter applying for the post.



Letter Writing – Informal Letter.

  1. Write a letter to your friend telling him about the interesting things that have happened recently in your school.
  2. Write a letter to your father seeking permission to join the excursion tour organized by your school.



Final – Syllabus

Composition Writing

             Descriptive Composition.

  1. Environmental pollution is a cause for concern. What changes have you seen in your lifetime with regard to people’s attitude towards the environment? How do you feel about those changes?
  2. Students’ indiscipline is a burning problem. What according to you are its causes and remedies?
  3. Describe the appearance and character of an elderly relative of yours. Your description should include an account of some of the things he or she has said or done which has influenced your most.

    Argumentative Composition.

  1. ‘More lessons are learnt an sports ground than in classroom. “Do you agree? Write your arguments either for or against the statement.
  2. “No other subject taught in school is as important as Moral Science’ Express your opinion either for or against.

    Narrative Composition.

  1. You are in charge of a committee that is to organize an art and craft exhibition at your school. Narrate your experience how you carried this out. You should consider, among other things, place you needed, selection of materials and arrangement of their display, receiving and guiding visitors.
  2. You have been successful in clearing the screening test of a music reality show. Give an account of the competition the efforts you made to win, the nature of the final competition and your feelings about it.


             Story Writing/ Proverbs based.

  1. Write a story (real or imaginary) based on the title A Triumphant Return.
  2. Write a short story of your own by continuing, the followings.

“As I turned the radio, the announcer said, “Cyclone now affecting all districts, will continue throughout the day—” I switched it off in despair.


  1. Write an original short story or narrate an experience proving the proverbs, “Where there is will, there is way.


Letter Writing.

            1 .Informal letter writing- (Congratulation)

  1. Your grandmother has completed 90 years a age. Write a letter congratulating her, expressing gratitude, praise and admiration for the way she has lived her life.
  1. Apology and Explanation.

Owing to illness you are unable to keep an appointment to meet your friend the following Sunday. Write a letter of apology and explanation.

  1. Semi – formal

Your immediate neighbor has a habit of playing the music system loudly at night which disturbs you especially during examination day. Write to him of your complaint suggesting steps that he could take to solve this problem.

Formal letter writing.

  1. Letter of Invitation.

You are organizing an inter school speech competition. Write a letter to an eminent author inviting her to be the chief guest and also requesting her to act as a judge in the competition.

             2.  Letter of Request.

You stayed in hotel in Pune for four days. While checking out, you left your digital camera behind at the reception. Write a letter to the manager of the hotel, requesting him to locate the camera, and if he succeeds in finding it, send it to you by carrier. Also mention relevant details of the instrument which you think, will assist in tracing the item.








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