Primary Section: Time Table For Quarterly Examination 2016-17

St. Joseph’s School, Bhagalpur

Time Table For Quarterly Orals Examination 2016-17 (Primary Section: II to V)

21/06/2016 Tuesday


English Dictation / English Reading  and Hindi Reading
22/06/2016 Wednesday


Hindi Dictation / English Recitation and Hindi Recitation
23/06/2016 Thursday


Drawing / SUPW
24/06/2016 Friday Maths Activity



Time Table For Quarterly Written Examination 2016-17  (Primary Section: II to V)




Day Std. II


Std. III Std. IV Std. V




Eng. II Computer G. Sc. Eng. II
26/06/2016 SUNDAY


S T U D Y     L E A V E
27/06/2016 Monday


Maths Maths Maths Maths
28/06/2016 Tuesday


Hindi Hindi Hindi Hindi
29/06/2016 Wednesday


Computer Eng I Eng. II S. St.
30/06/2016 Thursday


S T U D Y     L E A V E G. Sc.
01/07/2016 Friday


S. St. Eng. II Computer Eng. I
02/07/2016 Saturday


Eng. I          G. Sc. Eng. I Sans /Urdu
03/07/2016 SUNDAY


S T U D Y     L E A V E
04/07/2016 Monday


G. Sc.          S. St. S. St. Computer
05/07/2016 Tuesday


G.K. / M. Sc G.K. / M. Sc G.K. / M. Sc G.K. / M. Sc

Timing – 6.30 a.m. to 09.30 a.m.